The Iowa Legislature passed a law related to safety in our schools.  One requirement for the district is to provide all students, staff, parents, and community members a tool to report information related to keeping our schools and students safe.  Clicking the button to The Quick Tip feature shown at the left, allows you to identify the nature of the concern and which school or people may be impacted. If the location impacted is in a location other than one of the schools, please use the 999-999 code in the drop-down box.  Your tip will be forwarded to district officials who will follow-up on the information as soon as possible, and you may remain anonymous in your reporting. If this is an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, please do not use Quick Tip and instead call 911 for immediate assistance. 

The safety of our students is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to creating and maintaining a learning and working environment that is safe for all students, staff, and visitors.  The Mount Vernon Community School District has developed a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that outlines expectations of staff and students in maintaining a safe environment.  The plan defines the roles and responsibilities of individuals to enact before, during, and after a crisis situation.  This plan is reviewed yearly by the District Safety Committee and the School Board.

The Mount Vernon Community School District has a close working relationship with the Mount Vernon Police Department and has partnered with the local police to develop the Emergency Operations Plan and a Hazard Mitigation Plan for the District.  The District also partners with Tanager Place to provide mental health support to its students, as well as partnering with other local agencies to provide the J-Fast program that provides emergency mental health support to students in crisis situations.  

The District has a Quick Tip reporting system that allows students, staff members, parents, and community members to provide information regarding potential unsafe situations to which the District may wish to respond.  Information for Quick Tip is provided above, and people making reports may remain anonymous if they so choose.  

If you see an emergency situation on the District’s campus, please call 911.  You may also call the Mount Vernon Police Department for assistance at 319-895-6141, and someone is available at this number 24 hours a day.