The Mount Vernon Community School District has a quality transportation department that strives to keep student safety at the forefront of each trip.  The district has 7 regular route drivers and additional special education drivers.  All Mount Vernon bus drivers have participated in the S.T.O.P. Program and completed 3 hours of yearly training. Drivers have successfully completed the training required to acquire a CDL license, P endorsement, S endorsement, and passed the DOT physical. The Mount Vernon Transportation Department participates in the Federal Drug/Alcohol Testing Program.  Each bus is equipped with two-way radios capable of transmitting up to 30-50 miles.

If you have recently moved or are new to the school district, please contact Transportation Director Dennis Gross at (319) 895-6205 to discuss your bus route.

Bus Evacuation Drills

Bus Evacuation Drills for K-12 students are scheduled during the fall and spring at the elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Optional Shuttle Bus to First Street Community Center

The Mount Vernon Community School District provides a complimentary shuttle bus from Washington Elementary to the First Street Community Center.  This complimentary service is available to students in PreSchool – 6th grade who live on the north side of Mount Vernon.  Because the number of students riding the shuttle bus continues to grow, we are asking parents/guardians to complete a sign-up form to ensure the safety of all students. 

Students living on the north side of Mount Vernon in grades PreSchool – 6th who would like to ride the shuttle bus should complete the sign-up form found on the Forms page of the district website and return it to the District Office at 525 Palisades Rd SW, Mount Vernon, IA  52314. 

The shuttle bus picks up students at 7:50 am and drops students off at 3:25 pm.

Additional shuttle bus questions may be directed to Transportation Director Dennis Gross at (319) 895-6205 or via email at


Open Enrollment Pick Up Options

As a convenience to our students that are open enrolled from other districts, the Transportation Department has 4 pick-up locations that they can utilize.  Additional details on the exact location of the pick-up location may be directed to our Transportation Department Director Dennis Gross.

Bus Numbers, Bus Drivers, and General Routes

#2 – Driver – Sally Hunter – North Hwy 1, Abbe Hills Road, Ink Road, Linn Grove Road, Goudy Road, Lehr Road, Linn Grove Church, Linn Grove Road, Goudy Road, Yeisley Road, Linn Ridge Road, Hunter Tree Addition, Springville Road, Abbe Hills Road, Abbe Hills Addition, Ink Road, and Colonial Estates

#3 – Driver – Dave Blythe – Mount Vernon Road West, Irish Lane, Hwy 30 West, Maxson Road, East Bertram Road, Knapp Road, Cedar Crest Woods Addition, Zach Lane, and Palisades Road

#4 – Driver – Mike Lynch  – Mount Vernon Road West, Abbe Hills Road, Smythe Road, Gabriel Ct, Holman Road, Smyth Rd, Holman’s Road, Big Creek, Rustic Lane, Bertram Street, Hwy 13, Summit View, Mount Vernon Road, Forest Grove Road, Ironwood Drive, and Berry Drive

#6 – Driver – Steve Pisarik – Hwy 1 North, Ellison Road, White Oak Road, 230th Avenue, South Fork Road, Martelle pickup, Hwy 1 South, and Colonial Estates

#13 – Driver – Cliff James – Highway 1, Ivanhoe Road East, Cedar River Road, Zinkula Road, Hwy 30 East, Hillview Addition, Oak Ridge Drive, Country Club Drive, Standing Rock Road, Light Road, and Highway 1

#15 – Driver – Jenny Ciha – West Mount Vernon Road, Museum Road, Linn Ridge Road, Ballard Road, Horn Road, Apple Creek Addition, O’Connor Road, Bloomington Road, Bliss Road, Timber Lake Drive, Lake Ridge Ct, Mount Vernon Road East, Abbe Hills Road, Springville Road, Scobey Road, and First Street Community Center shuttle pick up

#19 – Driver – Dennis Gross – South Hwy 1, Dylan Road, Long View Road, Seven Sisters Road, Hardshell Road, Dolezal Road, Neiderhiser Road, Ivanhoe Road, Old School Road, Palisades Rd N, Rodger Grove Road, Carnes Road, Ivanhoe Road, Lincoln Drive, and Lisbon Road

Special Education Drivers:  Jean Litts, Rita James

Hard Surface Route Information

On occasion, our buses may have to use hard surface routes only.  When this happens parents will be notified and maps will be sent home with students that are affected by the change to their bus route.  The hard surface routes will be run in both the morning and the afternoon unless otherwise noted.

Bus Rules

Wait in a safe place well off the roadway. Cross only upon the driver’s signal.
Enter the bus in an orderly manner and take your seat.
Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.
Keep head and arms inside the bus.
Keep aisles clear at all times.
Remain quiet and orderly. No throwing of objects on the bus.
Be courteous at all times and follow instructions from the school bus driver.
Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.
No eating or drinking on the bus.
State law prohibits use of tobacco on school buses.
All State regulations must be observed on items transported on the bus. Please check with your driver.
Continued misconduct on the bus may lead to the following:
Step 1:  Conference between bus driver and student;
Step 2:  Conference between bus driver, student, principal, and parent;
Step 3:  Conference between bus driver, student, superintendent, principal, and parent.