Standards Based Learning

As our students progress through the Mount Vernon School District we want them all to exit our school system “college and/or career ready.”  We aim to prepare them, to the best of our abilities, to be successful in the real world – be that college, the workforce, military, etc.  To help deliver on that belief, we know that students need to:

  • be complex communicators
  • develop self-efficacy (belief in one’s ability to succeed or accomplish a task)
  • develop critical innovation skills

Washington Elementary

Washington Elementary Standards Based Learning Information

Mount Vernon Middle School and Mount Vernon High School

At Mount Vernon Middle School and Mount Vernon High School, we use Evidence-Based Reporting to help us develop those skills within all our students.

Evidence Based Reporting measures a student’s mastery of the essential standards and targets for a class, or how well a student understands the material in class.

The goal of an evidence-based approach is to provide the teacher, student, and parent as accurate a picture as possible of the student’s learning and to encourage a dialogue about how the student can master the material for the class.

The purpose of Evidence-Based Reporting is to ensure that a student’s grade is reflective of his or her learning based on our courses’ learning expectations.

Mount Vernon Middle School & High School Standards Based Learning Information