Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County

What is the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County?

The WCRLC is a nonprofit prevention organization that partners with six rural communities in rural Linn County. Those communities are: Mount Vernon, Lisbon, Springville, Central City, Alburnett, and Center Point. Mount Vernon Community School District is the Fiscal Agent of the Wellness Coalition, allowing them to receive funding from the federal government where they focus on three key area:

-Reducing substance use

-Educating on mental health

-Improving overall wellness.

Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to make better choices with all aspects of their wellness. Creating healthier communities and healthier futures.

Since our inception in 2006, the Wellness Coalition has been addressing the concerns of underage drinking, mental health, and risky behaviors by students; as well as supporting the needs of adults, parents, and community members.

We coordinate prevention and awareness opportunities and events to bring information to parents, adults, teachers, youth and community members, based on specific needs in specific areas.

Who should be involved?

Everyone! The Wellness Coalition welcomes representation from a multitude of sectors: youth, parents, law enforcement, schools, businesses, media, youth serving organizations, religious and fraternal organizations, civic and volunteer groups, health care professionals, state and local agencies, and any individual or organization wanting to make a positive impact on these communities in rural Linn County.

The Wellness Coalition holds a monthly meeting on the fourth Thursday of most months. Please connect and join us- all are welcome!

If you would like to find out more about the Wellness Coalition of Rural Linn County, please email Kassy Rice at Krice@mvcsd.org or visit www.wellnesscoalitionlinn.org.