On October 25th, the MVCSD School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) invited community members to join in a conversation on the District’s school improvement efforts. A small but mighty group engaged in conversation throughout the evening on important topics impacting our students. I provided an overview of the District’s mission, vision, commitments, and goals, reviewed student performance data on a variety of assessments, discussed data as it relates to the social and emotional growth of our students, provided information about the instructional frameworks the District uses when making decisions about teaching and learning, provided information regarding interventions used to assist students who need both remedial and enrichment opportunities, presented the District’s curriculum review cycle, provided an update on the District’s current financial reality, and addressed the District’s facilities planning. Additionally, District administrators went more in depth on teaching and learning initiatives, professional learning activities of staff members, and internship and other career opportunities for students.

After the overview of District initiatives were provided, those in attendance were invited to participate in a conversation about the dreams they have for the District moving forward, as well as discussing challenges that may be faced in the future. Some important topics covered included the following:

  1. Community members asked questions about the District’s curriculum review cycle, and how decisions are made with what is taught and how learning materials are chosen.
  2. Community members asked about the various initiatives in place regarding the social and emotional well-being of students.
  3. Community members discussed volunteer efforts for students, and how they could possibly support small businesses in Mount Vernon who are looking for help and support in a variety of ways. Community members also asked about whether there should be a requirement for volunteer hours in order to graduate.
  4. Community members were interested in job internship and J-Term opportunities, and are hopeful that J-Term may be able to return to MVHS as soon as possible.
  5. Community members pushed the District to think of creative ways to engage students in learning, and to use the power of technology to engage students in worldwide learning opportunities that open students up to new ideas and people. Innovation should be at the heart of these expanded learning opportunities.
  6. Community members expressed the need for clarity and consistency in the execution of standards based grading practices in the schools.
  7. Community members also asked a variety of questions regarding Parent-Teacher Conferences, the possible need for more counseling support in the District, and meeting the unique needs of all learners.

The School Improvement Advisory Committee will take the feedback from this first community meeting to offer another opportunity for community involvement in the spring of 2022. It is my hope that more of you will choose to join us for these important conversations. I am also attaching the notes from my presentation so that you can review what I presented in my “State of the District” message. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Dr. B.