The regular monthly meeting of the Mount Vernon Community School District School was held on June 12, 2023.  The following topics were addressed during the meeting:

Approval of Agenda:  The meeting agenda was approved as written with no changes proposed.

Superintendent Report:  Dr. Batenhorst spoke to the importance of the work of the Board this summer as it looks toward the next Board election, prepares for the superintendent search, and studies important issues like insurance benefits for staff members.. 

Public Comments:  No public comments were made during the meeting.

Program Division

School Board Elections:  The Board discussed the logistics of filling an open Board seat which is likely to happen in the next two months, and also reviewed the protocols for candidates interested in running for the Board in November 2023.  Clarification will be sought from the Iowa Association of School Boards regarding how to handle the appointment of an interim Board member.  

Superintendent Search:  The Board discussed reaching out to potential search firms to assist with the process of choosing a new superintendent, and also discussed possible timelines for the search process.

Personnel Division

Approval of Personnel Contracts for New Hires:  The Board approved the hiring of individuals for teaching and extracurricular positions for the 2023-2024 school year.

Administrative Division

Policy Update:  The Board approved the Second Reading of a series of policy recommendations provided by the Iowa Association of School Boards policy experts.

Policy Update Related to 2023 Legislative Actions:  Dr. Batenhorst provided an update on the process for updating and approving a large series of policies related to actions taken by the Iowa Legislature in the 2023 legislative session.  

Study of Insurance Benefits:  The Board discussed holding a work session related to the current insurance benefits available to staff members.  The plan is to hold the work session in September 2023.   

Facilities Division:  Dr. Batenhorst provided an update on the progress of the construction of the new activities complex, including providing an overview of the schedule for completion of the project by the end of August 2023.     

Reports:  No reports were offered during this portion of the meeting.      

Unfinished Business:  No unfinished business was addressed in the meeting.       

Consent Agenda:  All items in the Consent Agenda were approved as presented.  

Closed Session to Review and Approve the District’s Emergency Operations Plan:  The Board, in closed session, reviewed and approved the District’s Emergency Operations Plan for the 2023-2024 school year.  Closed Session is necessary to protect confidential information that is contained in the plan.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the School Board is scheduled for Monday, July 10, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.