MV Vex Robotics competed in our Iowa State Vex Robotics VRC tournament. Our first-year middle school program took 3rd place in VRC VEX Robotics (meaning overall Middle School and High School Teams) making them also Iowa’s #1 Middle School VEX VRC Team. Although they lost to our High School team in the semi-finals they completed at a High School level as a Middle School team! They received the Highest award given called the Middle School Excellence Award getting them invited to the Middle School VEX Robotics Worlds tournament in Texas in April.

Our High School Team won the State VEX Robotics tournament-best 2 out of 3 but won the first 2 matches by over 25 pts each match. Thus putting our High School Team #1 in the state of Iowa overall. Earning them a spot at The High School VEX Robotics Worlds Tournament in Texas in April.

To say I am proud of both our teams is an understatement. Every team there was excited for Mount Vernon because not only did our teams compete at the highest level but they did it with integrity and worked together as a team creating the right alliances. A lot of strategy went into this event along with skill. They both did very well in the Skills competition as well with our High School Team in 2nd place and our Middle School in 4th. Integrity is the Mustang Robotics’ way of life and once again they’ve proven they are good teammates as well as skilled opponents.

Thank you to the MVCSD, Dr. Batenhorst, Mr. Brand, Mr. Thede, Mr. Haugse, and Val Binsfield for all your support! A special thank you to our Volunteer Troy Ogden for all the countless hours donated to helping our program and our students’ VEX education! Thank you to our parents who have been extremely supportive!

High School Team
85A (Chassis Kickers)
Mitchell Gage Sr
Arthur Mariano Sr
Dashiell Yamanishi Soph
Tommy Ferguson Soph


8th grade Middle School Team
85C (Metal Manipulators)
Lainey Pisarik
Remington Klima
Nate Poduska
Porter Chatman

Tiffany Chatman, MVCSD Robotics Coach

Robotics VEX State Champions
Robotics VEX State Champions2
Robotics VEX State Champion3