The Mount Vernon Community School District is working hard to collect unpaid lunch balances. Over the course of the next month, we will be contacting families who have outstanding balances by both email and phone. In order to avoid contact from your child’s school please click on the Total Access link ( to check your balance and pay any unpaid amount. 


Did you know middle school and high school students can buy ala carte items outside of the normal lunch choice and these things cost extra? Things such as Propel, juice, chips, and other snacks are available at a cost to all students. Even if you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch, the ala carte items are full price. The only things covered by Free/Reduced are the main or alternate lunch choices. Often large unpaid balances are due to the ala carte purchases being made without parent knowledge. By logging into your Total Access account (link above) you can view your student purchases and turn off the ala carte option if you do not want your child to have the choice to charge these extra items to their lunch account. 

If you need help signing in, finding your account, or turning off the ala carte option please contact your child’s school’s secretary:

High School: Mary Hale –

Middle School: Kim Fall – or Patty Mote –

Washington Elementary: Heidi Ryan – or Alexa Ryan –

Lastly, please be sure to open any emails with the subject line “School Meal Account Balance” so you can stay up to date on your lunch account balance and get it paid in a timely manner.