The regular monthly meeting of the Mount Vernon Community School District School was held on January 9, 2023.  The following topics were addressed during the meetings:

Approval Agenda:  The meeting agenda was approved as written with no changes proposed.

Superintendent Report:  Dr. Batenhorst provided opening remarks regarding school finance and the District’s facilities vision as a precursor to discussions on those topics during the course of the meeting. 

Public Comments:  Mayor Tom Wieseler shared with the Board the need to look seriously into what the district can do to help address the lack of high quality child care in the Mount Vernon community.

Program Division

School Finance Discussion:  The Board engaged in a discussion of the District’s current financial reality, and discussed what the District’s philosophy and approach regarding school finances should be moving forward.  The Board discussed the focus on continuing to recruit and retain quality staff members, while ensuring the District remains on a solid financial footing moving forward.    

Personnel Division:  The Board approved the hiring of a series of new support staff members and coaches.  

Facilities Division:  Dr. Batenhorst provided the yearly update on the District’s Twenty Year Facilities Vision.     

Administrative Division:  No items were addressed in the Administrative Division portion of the meeting.   

Reports:  No reports were offered by Board members during the meeting.   

Unfinished Business:  No unfinished business was addressed in the meeting.       

Consent Agenda:  All items in the Consent Agenda were approved as presented. 

Board Calendar:  The March 13th meeting will be moved to March 6th due to a conflict with spring break.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the School Board is scheduled for Monday, February 13, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.